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 Preparing Writers for publication. Incorporating a super critique (feedback)

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This weeks most POPULAR PROSE
1 Joey
2 Sally Munkton

Terry the Tiger and Young Maggie McIver

The Need of Consciousness

5 Bedlam
The risky Jellibabies

There for the grace of God go I

Pepperoni Marconi
9 Sure Bill

Hans Solo Fatherland and the Political Device

Welcome to Story-Idol: preparing writers for publication

Hi! This is a writers site that it incorporates a method of super critique. A Basic Membership is free, but if you pay for upgrades there are extra benefits available. And as it is all about motivation, committment and incentive. All aspiring AND PROFESSIONAL writers desperately crave reviews/ critiques/ feedback - so please, if you would be so kind, give them feedback too (also this will be encouraged by the optional financial scheme) - if you never help others there is no way they will, or should, help you! Remember, competition is fun and healthy but the real aim is to see your work published and enjoyed OFF THIS SITE--unless by some small miracle, this site becomes MASSIVE. Right--you've read something already--now read something better in the selections on this site...AND GET WRITING! Tom Campbell © 2012

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Latest Articles
Listed below are the 10 most recent articles posted by our Story-Idol members.
The Need of Consciousness  4 v
0 c
 by Tom Campbell (Fiction » Science Fiction)
A world evolved from soley plant life--and a deadly encounter--but with whom?
The Owner of the Golden Crown--Exerpt004 18 v
1 c
 by Clare Carmicheal (Fiction » Science Fiction)
Nearing the end of their journey, they spy a cylindrical vent rising up through the mines, which is displaying the night's sky.
Joey 11 v
0 c
by Tom Campbell (Fiction » Drama)
The final Countdown--last round heavweight thriller.
The Incredible Adventures of Terry the Tiger and Young Maggie McIver--Chapt8 16 v
0 c
 by Tom Campbell (Fiction » Science Fiction)
‘Okay. As I was saying before I so badly interrupted myself: I won’t be on my own because Terry will be with me, you silly furless bumble-bee wearing a badly-worn green plastic-coated woollen skirt and bright orange Wellington boots on its way to see the Queen of Siberia (whom Terry was bought off).'
Untitled story002 22 v
23 c
 by Howard Toms (Fiction » Science Fiction)
I have an obsession.
Untitled story003 38 v
2 c
by silver_man (Fiction » Science Fiction)
The things we do for love
Untitled story004 83 v
3 c
by gold_man (Fiction » Science Fiction)
emotions are crazy when death is involved
Untitled story005 65 v
1 c
by Tom Campbell  (Fiction » Fantasy)
Oh, the dream of it all. So black and dark and dismal!
Untitled story006 25 v
6 c
by campbelt7 (Fiction » Fantasy)
A problem of faith
Untitled story007 36 v
9 c
by campbelt8 (Fiction » Fantasy)
This piece is about how over protected Britney Spears is these days











Welcome Story-Idol Forums
Hi. Get ready to publish!
By campbelt on Jan 24 2000 00:01 GMT
Wiki World Napier PhD Proposal Development!
Wiki World Napier PhD Proposal details from Tom Campbell!
By Howard Toms on Jan 18 2012 10:24 GMT (1v 6r)
By Campbell on Jan 24 2012 11:13 GMT
Eastender star applies to do PhD at Napier University.
New Member Bios
By Howard Toms on Jan 15 2012 10:24 GMT (43v 3r)
Last reply by campbelt on Jan 16 2012 10:24 GMT
Try the shoutbox below !
By Rose Campbell on Jan 11 2012 15:31 GMT (3v 1r)
Sally Munkton to go into Outer Space!
By campbelt on Jan10 2012 10:21 GMT (72v 1r)
Resources on Story-Idol
By campbelt on Jan 09 2012 11:32 GMT (20v 2r)

Name campbelt
Testing freeware shout

Name PhD
Message can n e 1 tell me if thisis allowable?

Name campbelt
Message hello PhD!

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