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I have removed my ebooks from sale for now due to the complication of the new VAT rules. I have decided to continue writing my books for another 18 months so that I have a lifetime bibliography (about 32-36 books). You might think it is crazy not to at least sell my books on Amazon, but the point is, major marketing is required to sell books from even before day 1. First impressions are everything–and, as we all know, you only have one opportunity to make them!


So I will stick to my general author and publishing house services. The prices given are indications of price. Please email me on: services AT bookanory DOT com if you are interested so together we can establish exactly what you want and what the charges will be. The price is determined mainly by the skill and knowledge level required, applications needed, and the time required to complete the task. All payments will be through paypal (which should allow you to pay with your credit or debit cards.

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