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Bookanory Publishing House uses Microsoft Word to Format its books. This cannot be done haphazardously. To get the typesetting to a professional standard, a series of advanced techniques is employed. Acrobat techniques were tested using InDesign, but this approach was rejected. Bookanory can do the same formatting job in Word and because self-publishing authors commonly use Word, we feel this is beneficial. Using Word allows the purchaser of any of our goods to make their own edits after purchasing an order. In order to create ebooks, the free application Calibre is used.

Bookanory will not be offering format services at the moment due to being busy with book cover and graphic design services and the writing of novels. However, if you are a major Publishing House, T. J. P. CAMPBELL might be interesting in a consistent contract. This would work for a company who have authors who work in Word and like to make post publication edits.