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Bookanory Editing Services by T. J. P. CAMPBELL.

Bookanory Editing Services are available for the right price. But to be perfectly honest, editing is very expensive. This is partly because of the immense skill and knowledge of the craft of writing that is required as well as because it is time consuming. If you are a beginner, perhaps publishing your first book, then I would not recommend you waste money on editing services (even if you are rich). Statistically, the chances of a beginner’s book (no matter how educated they are) being truly sellable (not some generic list given away for free that hits the number 1 spot for five minutes on an almost obscure category so that the author can claim for the rest of their unnatural born life that they are a Number 1 Best Seller) is probably about a hundred to one at best. And consequently, any editing would mean completely rewriting and structured the novel to such a degree, the work could hardly be considered the work of the author.

What I would suggest is publishing a few books with your own efforts. If they sell consistently (every month for a year). Then maybe you could get your next one edited (and maybe story doctored). I was once begged to edit a novella for a good price. I refused. The potential buyer could not understand why. I told him his work was impossible to edit. He came from a culture that did not do punctuation? The 5,000 word novella was one humongous sentence–except it had no final period! Editing the works of self-publishing authors is a veritable minefield of delusion and impossibility. What I can sometimes consider, is to write a 3 page-ish chapter. This way a beginner can see what professional prose can look like. But again, a lot would depend on the serious nature of the buyer’s ambitions. Search my shop for such a product.