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T. J. P. CAMPBELL started as a self-employed full-time author on the 26th January, 2015. He is a writer from the UK (Cambridge). He has at least 15 years of writing full-time on fiction. He writes mainly sci-fi novels for young adults and adults (often cross-over material). He sometimes does other genres for variability. He also writes for younger teens, as for example his The Londoners series (a sci-fi/fantasy/horror adventurous modern day version of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series). He also wrote the iconic Pride and Prejudice and Superheroes, a sci-fi Regency period mashup.

He’s written over 20 fiction books, and drafted another 30 or so. Although he mainly writes sci-fi, he sometimes ventures into thriller, fantasy and horror genres. He places a lot of emphasis on originality, quirkiness and characterization, and his adventures are a deep journey of the heart, mind and soul, as well as visceral and unique physicality.

He also specialises in book cover design and interior book formatting/layout (ebooks and print books) through Bookanory Publishing House (BPH), the company he set up in January 2015. He sometimes does proofreading and editing on request.



The Owner of the Crown trilogy: Book 1: The Eccentric Crosser (144,000 words)

The Owner of the Crown trilogy: Book 2: Saliman Attacks (146,000 words)

The Owner of the Crown trilogy: Book 3: The Ultimate Battle Attacks (173,000 words)

The Last Robot (152,000 words)

Full Circle (144,000 words)

The Land of the Yellow Sea (102,400 words)

The Neanderthal Secret (14,000 words)

Metafiction (171,000 words)

King Trump (130,000 words)

Pride and Prejudice and Superheroes (114,300 words)

Britland Calling – Parts 1-4 (175,000 words)

Britland Calling; Book 1: A Trip to Another Earth (40,100 words)

Britland Calling: Book 2: Britland in Danger (42,300 words)

Britland Calling: Book 3: The Four Playing Card Suits (47,300 words)

Britland Calling: Book 4: Conclusion (46,700 words)

A Wallpad Orange (97,000 words)

The Londoners: The Secret Underground City (47,300 words)

The Ultimate Serial Killer (56,250 words)

Planet of the Girls (37,000 words)

To Be Or Not To Be (86,000 words)

A Blip in Modernity (22,500 words)

The Final Deception (24,240 words)

There’s No Place Like Home (30,000 words)

Grand Finale (19,000 words)

The Need of Consciousness (8,000 words)

The Lost Little Ant (6,400 words)

Neo-Mirror (7,000 words)

When Tears Have Dried (7,900 words)

Joey (3,240 words)

The Raba Deas (2,500 words)

Once Upon A … (17,000 words)


Non Fiction:

Book Cover Design

Interaction through the Shared Windowed Digital World (SWDW) system (297 page PhD Thesis)

His higher education can be found here:



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