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Pride and Prejudice and Superheroes by T. J. P. CAMPBELL
A wallpad ORANGE by T. J. P. CAMPBELL




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“The Londoners” are Catherine (12), Kevin (11), Sean (11) and Libby (9). This is the first book in “The Londoners” series.

Author’s comment: I am very happy to have completed another novel in my growing list of sci-fi titles.

The Londoners: The Secret Underground City is a book making up part of The Londoners Series. It will be available for sale online and in major book stores some time in 2016 (currently through the Bookanory Publishing House imprint).

A heavy flood causes a landslip in the Dartford Tunnel, close to where “The Londoners” live in South Ockendon. This leads them eventually to the discovery of an ancient though technologically advanced underground city beneath London. The city seems to be uninhabited and the four children need to find their way out as their entrance was destroyed. What secrets will the children find out about their underground adventure? What creatures will they meet. What obstacles and dangers will they encounter? The city has many dangers, but the theme of the story is that nothing can ever be made completely secure—so they know there must be a way out of their predicament.

Please note that all characters are completely fictional. Any names are purely co-incidental and no attempt has been made to infer that the characters whose names might seem like real people are such real people!

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Twenty minutes later, when they got to the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge Shuttle Service Station there was a note on the gate, which was closed:

Dartford Crossing Important Notice!

The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge is closed until further notice due to recent high winds.

The Dartford Tunnel is closed until further notice due to flash flooding.

As a consequence, the Shuttle Service for cyclists will not be operating until further notice.

“Uh oh,” said Libby. “What are we going to do?”

“We’ll have to go home,” said Sean.

“No way,” said Catherine. “We’re ‘The Londoners’ and we’re going to visit Auntie Julie, and that’s that.”

“But how?” asked Kevin.

“Well, remember the lesson we’ve all learned today, that no system can be completely secure?”

“Yes,” said Sean. “And?”

“We take the tunnel!”

“But there’s flooding,” said Libby. “The notice says the Shuttle Service is not operating. And the cars don’t go southwards in the tunnel, you idiot.”

“It’s an easy play,” insisted Catherine. “We can cycle to the Dartford Tunnel’s Shuttle Service Station. Lock our bikes up outside the gate if it’s closed. Then…” she paused for effect “…we can take the tunnel by foot! You’ve seen the tunnel workers using the service walkways to the sides of the tunnel, haven’t you? The walkways are higher than the road, aren’t they? Remember the tunnel will be closed, so I bet there will be no one in it. And even if we get caught we’ll just say we turned back and live on the Dartford side. They can’t send us to jail, can they? No, they can’t! As I said, it’s an easy play.”

“Catherine’s right,” said Kevin. “And I can’t see the tunnel being that flooded that we can’t cross through it on the service walkways.”

“You’re the youngest, Libby,” said Catherine. “Are you up for it, because if you’re not, then we’ll all go back home?”

Libby did not need any time to think it over. “I’m definitely up for it. Lead the way!”

As the foursome charged off on their bikes, the thrill of adventure was once more coursing through their veins. “The Londoners” were back in business! More than they could ever know!

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A wallpad ORANGE (97,000).

Pride and Prejudice and Superheroes (114,300).

Britland Calling; Book 1: A Trip To Another Earth (40,100).

Britland Calling: Book 2: Britland in Danger (42,300).

Britland Calling: Book 3: The Four Playing Card Suits (47,300).

Britland Calling: Book 4: Conclusion (46,700).

The Case of the Ultimate Serial Killer (56,250).

The Londoners: The Secret Underground City (47,300).

To Be Or Not To Be Book 1: A Special Visitor (45,000).

To Be Or Not To Be Book 2: A Special Visit (43,500).

Planet of the Girls (37,000).

A Blip in Modernity (22,500).

The Final Deception (24,240).

There’s No Place like Home (30,000).

Grand Finale (19,000).

The Need of Consciousness (8,000).

The Lost Little Ant (6,400).

Neo-Mirror (7,000).

The Raba Deas (2,200).

Joey (3,250).

When Tears Have Dried (7,900).

My TV and Movie Scripts:

Doctor Who: THE DALEK OBSESSION (TV one hour 2,000).

Doctor Who: DALEK MESSIAH (TV Film 90 minutes 4,140).

THE GATHERERS: Finders, Keepers. (Pilot of series, Full Feature Film 12,000).

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Pride and Prejudice and Superheroes by T. J. P. CAMPBELL
A wallpad ORANGE by T. J. P. CAMPBELL

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