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Planet of The Girls by T. J. P. CAMPBELL

The Land of the Yellow Sea by T. J. P. CAMPBELL
Britland Calling: 1. A TRIP TO ANOTHER EARTH by T. J. P. CAMPBELL

Planet of the Girls by T. J. P. CAMPBELL


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Author’s comment: I am very happy to present this novel to my growing list of completed sci-fi titles.

Planet of the Girls by T. J. P. CAMPBELL is a 37,000 novel and is expected to be part of a series of books that always begin with the words “Planet of the...” and feature Paul and Gerald Linden. It will be available for sale online and in major book stores some time in 2016 (currently through the Bookanory Publishing House imprint).


Teaser: Science fiction adventure of two brothers who meet a friendly alien and through an accident visit a planet with him where thousands of earth girls have been enslaved by a race of brutal aliens.

The Linden brothers, Paul and Gerald, are waylaid by a friendly alien called Ambergarb (named after his clothes) in an effort to repair his ‘vehicle’—a repair which fails… The vehicle (along with its contents, Ambergarb, Paul and Gerald) finds itself marooned on the Planet of the Girls; a planet where Earth-girls have worked as slaves for the ‘evil’ Thordorians for the last 10, 000 years. The girls can be awarded ‘meltdown honour’ for disobeying the simplest of rules (‘Crying is not Allowed!’ reads a poster whilst illustrating the ‘meltdown honour’). All the girls are aged between 12 and 15. When they reach 16 they are awarded meltdown honour. The Linden brothers have to steal a ‘Navigation Stabiliser Lever’ to help repair Ambergarb’s vehicle. They trespass on the planet disguised as girls; their appearance manipulated by Ambergarb’s ‘hairamajig’ device—they look like the ‘daughters of Heavy Metal roadies’. The girls live on porridge soaked in sour milk for breakfast and cabbages boiled in smelly water for supper (‘…and that’s it sonny Jim.’). This causes havoc with the girls’ digestive systems. A source of much humour.

Needless to say, the Linden brothers, using Paul’s creative genius, lead a rebellion against the Thordorians and free the girls forever more (and all the girls ever ‘melted’ are ‘un-melted’ as the meltdown honour was a religious act whereby the girls’ ashes were being stored in urns awaiting the return of the Dorian Caretaker (the Thordorian equivalent of God). Most chapters end on a cliff-hanger—or in a way which leads them to read the next chapter. The reader is kept in suspense as to how Paul intends to lead a successful rebellion and as to how the story will unfold.

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Chapter 2. The Strange Stranger   teaser

Our adventure all began in the most unlikely of fashions. There we were, Gerald and I, on our way to West London Swimming Pool on a sunny Sunday morning, with our backpacks bulging full of sandwiches, drinks and swimming gear, when suddenly a voice fired towards us from the shadows of a side street…

“Hey, boys? I need some help to get my vehicle working?”

The man who said it was peculiarly dressed. He had a strange sort of lime-green woollen overcoat and matching balaclava on, and all in the height of summer (I did say our adventure began in the most unlikely of fashions). The overcoat was weird because it seemed to be held together with invisible buttons. All you could see of his face were his hooded eyes, his nose, and his mouth; and all in dark shadows.

Gerald looked at the man, then at me. And he shrugged his shoulders.

“What sort of vehicle is it?” I asked. “I mean we’re not pushing a lorry up a hill, you know.”

“It is…it is…well, it does not matter, does it?” he said. I realised then, as my eyes got used to the shadows, that his nose seemed to have three nostrils instead of two. And his lips were blubbery like a fish’s and hardly opened when he spoke. Poor guy, I thought.

“Will we be able to help you, there are only two of us?” I asked.

“Definitely, my fortuitous friends. It is most definitely an easy function to achieve.”

Not only did he dress funny, but he talked funny too.

“What’s he on about?” said Gerald, looking extremely puzzled.

“I think he needs our help with his vehicle, and it’s easy for us to help him. Maybe we should give the guy a hand. What do you think?”

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Chapter 1. Oh Brother!

Chapter 2. The Strange Stranger

Chapter 3. The Strange Vehicle

Chapter 4. Further and Faster by Standing Still

Chapter 5. Our Next Stop Will Be…?

Chapter 6. Planet of the Girls

Chapter 7. The New Slaves

Chapter 8. Hairy Moments

Chapter 9. The Daring Linden Sisters

Chapter 10. Crossing the Threshold

Chapter 11. Meeting a Head Girl

Chapter 12. Journey Through the Service Duct

Chapter 13. Arriving at a Factory Room

Chapter 14. Planning Rebellion

Chapter 15. Pushover Sergeant Vartox

Chapter 16. Big Things Come in Small Packages

Chapter 17. The Midday Toilet March

Chapter 18. Escaping Detection

Chapter 19. The Girls Building

Chapter 20. The Great Singer

Chapter 21. Preparing for Rebellion

Chapter 22. Eavesdropping Thordorian Communications

Chapter 23. The Rebellion

Chapter 24. The True Nature of the Meltdown Honour

Chapter 25. Time Vortex Repositories

Chapter 26. Restoration

Chapter 27. Returning Home

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My TV and Movie Scripts:

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Doctor Who: DALEK MESSIAH (TV Film 90 minutes 4,140).

THE GATHERERS: Finders, Keepers. (Pilot of series, Full Feature Film 12,000).

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The Land of the Yellow Sea by T. J. P. CAMPBELL
Britland Calling: 1. A TRIP TO ANOTHER EARTH by T. J. P. CAMPBELL

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