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A wallpad ORANGE by T. J. P. CAMPBELL

The Land of the Yellow Sea by T. J. P. CAMPBELL

A wallpad ORANGE by T. J. P. CAMPBELL


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Author’s comment: I am very happy to present this novel to my growing list of completed sci-fi titles.

A wallpad ORANGE is a one-off novel and not part of a series. It will be available for sale online and in major book stores some time in 2016 (currently through the Bookanory Publishing House imprint). Book cover designed and created by myself.

A wallpad ORANGE is a dystopian sci-fi novel by T. J. P. CAMPBELL. It is a completed 97,000 word novel in 59 chapters. This novel follows the incredible journey of the indomitable Julie and Sally who, despite coming up against insurmountable odds, aim to give Humanity a chance of rising out of the ashes. The human condition exposed in all its contradictory wonder. Written in British English with USA layout.





Soon to be published in 2016. This novel will not require knowledge of any known novels. It is completely original. All characters, prose, poems and songs are original. In the late 21st century, English became the de facto language of choice, and by the end of the 22nd century it established itself as the de jure language. This had dire consequences for humanity, as the language became abused by the weight of numbers of poor writers who using gamification on the wallpad system, slowly but inexorably butchered the language and brainwashed their readers into believing in fantasies that such readers held dear. The wallpad ORANGE corporation grew into the richest and most powerful organisation the world had ever known. Until they became the government of almost the entire world. And when wallpad authors, through their greed and stupidity, fell into savage internecine warfare, the fate for the Earth’s downfall was firmly determined. A fate that saw the utter and total destruction of humanity in World War Infinity.

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Chapter 1. The Ultimate English Victory – teaser

21st June, 2138

The lead newsreader on the internet’s most popular channel, wallpad channel WP1, allowed a gloriously superficial smile to stretch across her face before announcing:

“Good Morning wallpaders! Last night, as Big Ben struck 23, wallpad ORANGE (incorporated) announced that forthwith all stories will be written and read in English. The entire text on the wallpad megasite compendium is now in English. If translation wallwidgets have failed to translate stories as writers prefer, then by all means edit them. Please bear in mind that all words must be in English. This will no doubt effect many historical fiction texts, for instance. So be very careful-or else the translation wallwidgets might create some amusing, if not incongruous, segments of text. Finally, on this matter, please note that the wallpad ORANGE motto, Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno (which was written in the now extinct Latin language) has been translated into English. That is to say: All for one, and one for all.

“There have already been some complaints from the Filipino wallpaders over the removal of zombie boy-band True Infection resurrection stories, which, until yesterday night, were for some obscure reason always written in Filipino (Tagalog language). In a most audaciously unusual move, these Filipino wallpaders have ALL deleted their stories. Other Filipino writers have deleted their English stories in a show of sympathetic support-though it is interesting to note that a surprising number of new Filipino wallpaders have joined wallpad ORANGE as writers over the last few hours. Conclude what you like from that!

“Well wallpaders, things should be easy now and much more friendly. English rules! Hashtag: NoHaters. Hashtag: NoBullying. Hashtag: wallpadORANGE. wallpadORANGE dot com!”

Thirteen-year-old Julie Burns XIV heard all this on her wallpad slate as she was polishing off her cornflakes, sitting as she was in her London flat’s tiny kitchen.

After taking her empty bowl to the WP-dishwasher, she immediately started typing a message on her slate using the wallpad ORANGE talk system, which she was permanently logged into…

WP-Julie1313 @WP-Saladcream Hi Sally! Did U hear the WP news about going English?

Julie sensed that her classmate, Sally, would answer almost immediately because her school morning routine was pretty much identical to her own.

Julie was wrong in her expectations even though a message did arrive from Sally…

WP-Saladcream @WP-Julie1313 Oi, Jules babe! Did U hear it? WP has gone English?

“Damn,” cursed Julie, “what an idiot, she must have messaged me while I was messaging her.” Julie stroked her chin, thinking… “I know, I’ll just wait until she replies to my message, or we’ll end up never having a proper talk.”

Julie waited…and she waited…and she waited…

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Chapter 1. The Ultimate English Victory

Chapter 2. This Is My Lucky Day!

Chapter 3. The wallpad All-Seeing Eye

Chapter 4. The Incredible Twist, Courtesy of the CA5

Chapter 5. The Darkest of Revelations

Chapter 6. The March to Another Unit

Chapter 7. Wallpad Weirdness and the Peculiar Machine

Chapter 8. Patrick’s Cure and Transmutation

Chapter 9. Bake Me, Babe!

Chapter 10. Oh To Be Thirteen Again

Chapter 11. The Paradoxical wallpad ORANGE

Chapter 12. The Secret of the Sleepers

Chapter 13. Please Help Me Die!

Chapter 14. Suffer Little Children…

Chapter 15. Wakey! Wakey!

Chapter 16. Susan Spark and the Recording Booth

Chapter 17. Escaping the Creativity Unit

Chapter 18. Lethal Intelligent Plasma

Chapter 19. Sing Like a Boy, Die Like a Man

Chapter 20. A Prayer for the Dead

Chapter 21. Jeopardy in the Rubble

Chapter 22. Diversionary Tactics

Chapter 23. Sting Like a Bee!

Chapter 24. Anyone for Football?

Chapter 25. The Medical Discovery

Chapter 26. FAKE is REAL!

Chapter 27. Isn’t it Wonderful, Babe-We’re Dead!

Chapter 28. The Big Sleep

Chapter 29. Threat From Dounreay

Chapter 30. Toys Do Talk!

Chapter 31. A Truth Uncovered

Chapter 32. Thank you Sergeant Barlow

Chapter 33. Questions, Questions…

Chapter 34. Bert, the Face and Voice of Reykjavik

Chapter 35. Shove that in your Pipe and Smoke It!

Chapter 36. Horning’s Mills

Chapter 37. All Aboard for the Flight to Freedom!

Chapter 38. The Anti-ID Side-Effects

Chapter 39. Flying On a Wing and a Prayer

Chapter 40. The Virtual Users

Chapter 41. Orangetooth 451

Chapter 42. The Battle

Chapter 43. Rendezvous at Pittsburgh

Chapter 44. The Infiltration

Chapter 45. The Ship Key

Chapter 46. Meeting Room 2

Chapter 47. Do You Love Me Professor?

Chapter 48. Danger! We Are Slaves Again!

Chapter 49. The Secondary Entry

Chapter 50. The Honey Trap

Chapter 51. Rendezvous with the Space Station

Chapter 52. The Elusive Door

Chapter 53. The Starship

Chapter 54. The Brig

Chapter 55. Restaurant C11

Chapter 56. Back to the Space Station

Chapter 57. Bad Connection!

Chapter 58. Mother Earth, Speak to Me

Chapter 59. Making up for an Apocalypse

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My TV and Movie Scripts:

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The Land of the Yellow Sea by T. J. P. CAMPBELL

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