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Inimitable Characters

Spade of the Four Playing Card Suits
Spade offers a telepathic gorilla a rose.
Churchill's long lost 'speech' 07-07-1942

One of the skills I attempt to employ is the creation of standout, original characters. In my series titled Britland Calling, I invented many original characters; however, my favourite was Spade who is featured in the picture above (a cropped picture taken from the background of my cover of the fourth and final, as of yet, book of the series). She is one of the Four Playing Card Suits. four sisters who can sing, dance and act like no others. They would walk today’s talent shows. To be fair though, they’re not human, so perhaps they would be disqualified! They claim to be created by Magical Intelligent Design…it’s a long story. Below is the cover of the third book in the series where we see Spade singing  a high C in unison with her three sisters Club, Diamond and Heart (their stage names).

Book Cover

The Four Playing Card Suits featured singing a High C on the cover of the third book in the Britland Calling series.

Anyway, I just added this blog in order to further test my web site.

Churchill's long lost 'speech' 07-07-1942

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